What photo uploads do you accept?

We accept photo file uploads of all types. Scan your photos at a 600 DPI. Click Here from more about how to scan your photos. We work with photos of all types including polaroid and tintype.

Do you offer a discount for high volume?

Yes. We service many photography studios. Please contact us here and we will get in touch with you.

Can I send you my photos by mail?

Yes, you can select the “Send Photos By Mail” option when you place your order. 

What can we restore?

We are great at improving lighting, colors, removing blemishes, paper breaks, cuts etc. Not every photo can be restored. Photos with large missing important details may not be restorable. If this is the case we will let you know and will cancel your order. If you are unsure, send us your photo using the contact us form.

What if I need some changes made to the restoration?

We will provide unlimited revisions to your photo until you are fully happy with the results.


Who will restore my pictures?

We use only professional photo artists to maximize quality. We do not use automated software.

How do you ensure quality?

We start with only hiring the best and employ a system of review and quality checks to ensure quality.

What happens if my photo cannot be restored?

In the rare situation that your photo cannot be restored, we will cancel your order and let you know in an email.